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Renting a Villa in Gennadi, Greece is easier than ever. With our site you can book online, read reviews left by other guests and choose from the largest selection of Gennadi Accommodation on the internet.

Honeymoon Villa with Pool & Sea-view

Your romantic get away on the Island of Rhodes. Maisonette newly build in an area with 4 other houses,close to the beach with private swimming pool ,3 terraces on different levels and sea view. Fully equipped with all necessary kitchenware, towels and linen. The Villa offers as well Plasma TV ,air-condition and a washing machine. The location of the house offers for couples on honeymoon, friends, surfers or families a quite and relaxing holidays.

Sand and small pebbles as far as the eye can see – and the liveliest beach parties held anywhere on Rhodes. Basically a continuation of Kiotari, Gennadi combines two different characters: on the one hand there’s the vast beach where there’s always room for you and your friends to spread out your beach towels – only parts of the beach are commercially organized – while on the other there are the Sunday parties with guests DJ’s at the new Sundance beach bar, which opened last year and has transformed the character of the beach, attracting all the hip young people from around the island. The beach is separated from the village, which lies above the main road, but along the road you will find tavernas, rooms to rent, small hotels and the villas of wealthy local people.

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